Tuesday, 11 March 2008

A grey day and a nice cup of tea...

Yesterday, the weather was awful. Windy and wet, and miserable. It somehow affects your mood when it's like that, brings you right down. But today the sun is out, and I'm much more cheerful! I have a new bag and matching pouch to list on etsy, which I will no doubt blag about later, but in the meantime, I thought I'd show off my treasury and treasury west before they dissappear. So here they are...

A grey day (with a hint of pink...)


... and a nice cup of tea...

The first was inspired by the milk bottles, and how the tiny little pink highlight makes the image zing. I just love 2Reverts ring, Ninu's bag, and Shutterkate's scarf, which I also featured in a previous treasury.
The second treasury is lots of my favourite UK etsy folk, indulging in our favourite pastime- tea and cake and a great deal of chat! I especially love the Abi Bansal Design bag, Emma Litten's cupcake pots, and Lupin's fab teacup brooch. I just ordered a sample pack of her fabulous coloured felt, which I can't wait to recieve!!

Anyway, must bath and take photo's, but will blog the new bags later on. Ta-ta. x

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